Buy YouTube Subscribers

The fastest-growing video content platform, YouTube, has billions of visitors every day. So it can be hard to create an identity here. But the good part is it’s possible to buy YouTube subscribers, likes, and views. BlueMarple offers 100% active and real subscribers at affordable prices.

What Does the Website Offer?

High-quality service

BlueMarple offers good quality YouTube likes and subscribers. Plus, the costs are affordable. These subscribers are real people who may even view videos and like them. Unlike other sellers, customers will not find bot accounts here.

Instant Delivery

Of the many sites that sell YouTube subscribers, most do not sell organic ones. Secondly, their delivery is often delayed. BlueMarple ensures that customers receive their ‘organic’ YouTube subscribers in a few minutes. Sometimes, even sooner.

24/7 Customer Care

As mentioned above, the YouTube services sold here are cost-effective. So, one need not break the bank for boosting YouTube engagement. Apart from that, a refill is available if there’s a drop in the number. 24/7 customer service is always here for the buyers until they are 100% satisfied.

Why Create YouTube video content?

YouTube is a brilliant platform that takes talent to another level. It has the second-highest search rate after Google. For instance, someone is a great cook. They can make videos while cooking recipes. Food lovers would watch the content, subscribe, like, and help earn dollars.

A teacher would want to create her students through videos. This trend has increased several folds during the COVID-19 pandemic. Painters are making videos while sketching and spreading different artistic tricks. So, to let creativity reach every corner of the globe (and make money in the process), YouTube is a go-to.

Buy YouTube Subscribers

Do YouTube subscribers matter?

When YouTube ranks its best content producers, the subscribers’ count is considered. There are long-term and significant advantages of having a large number of subscribers. In addition, this concept encourages the appreciation of content on the YouTube platform.

Since artificial intelligence cannot solely measure a channel’s quality, subscribers are important. Their attitude determines if the channel is worth visiting or not. Also, that indicates the dollars the owner may make through videos.

Moving the channel to the top of the search list is a dream of every YouTuber. They wish to get maximum views. So, here, high-quality and organic YouTube subscribers become vital. AI will measure several parameters. And one of them is the attitude of subscribers.

Why buy organic YouTube subscribers?

Since YouTube cannot measure the quality of content, it has other ways. The number of likes and dislikes, views, and subscribers matter. Also, turning on the notification bell icon is a measure.

These factors enhance the ranking and affect the earnings of a channel. So, turning the channel’s appearance towards the positive side is essential. And buying organic YouTube subscribers is the best trick. Here, at BlueMarple, a count from 100 to 5000 is available for sale. And best of all are the affordable prices!

Benefits of Buying YouTube Subscribers

Before purchasing YouTube likes, views, and subscribers, here’s something. It’s important to have a purpose or motivation behind spending money on organic services. Some of the perks of buying subscribers are given below.

Gain popularity

It is a real struggle to become popular on YouTube. One needs to create videos with many likes and comments. Also, the number of views should be more than other niche channels.

The content should be outstanding to become famous organically. However, the competition is hardcore. So, buying YouTube subscribers is an easy and authentic way out. That will help in ranking videos higher in the search list. Beginners on YouTube must try it to increase their engagement!

Credibility or social proof

Social proof is a powerful force on social media platforms. It means that everyone copies the trendy part. If the initial audience is large, the interaction will be positive. So, that makes video content more credible and authentic. Buying organic YouTube subscribers will save time and effort.

A channel with higher followers is more socially valued than one with a low count. Hence, even if one needs to pay a little for purchasing subscribers, it’s worth it. Plus, that attracts more natural subscribers, likes, and views.

Increased YouTube rankings

Nobody wants their channel to rank low in YouTube search rankings. But, there are tricks to maintain a high position. Apart from quality content, it matters that there are subscribers. Unless more and more people show interest in content, it cannot shine above others.

Sadly, the real process of gathering subscribers and likes is time-consuming. If one wants to utilize this time in content quality, they can buy organic YouTube subscribers.

The efforts are cut. Besides, BlueMarple offers social media stuff at affordable prices. So, the channel can skyrocket, and the creators can boost their earnings.

More earnings

Once the social credibility increases, the stars turn in the channel’s favor. Purchasing subscribers for YouTube content means attracting more natural viewers and likes. Although the kind of content is important, bought subscribers do play a role in dollars earned.

YouTube has changed the lives of several content creators. And here’s a secret. Most of them purchased views and subscribers in the initial days. With time, their channel’s growth became rapid. And they made more money than could ever imagine!

Become an authority

It is not an easy task to become an authority on YouTube. The issue even takes effort, time, and much research. So, expanding characters on YouTube through subscribers is a great way. Besides, the chances of growth also increase.

For someone already popular on YouTube, it is not easy. Gain lots of followers and become a subject authority. In that process, one can share tricks and tips. Show people how to do something and answer questions.

Requires little effort

Imagine creating YouTube content and wandering around asking people to watch it. Such a tedious task! Make it easier with buying organic YouTube subscribers. Let visitors be directly drawn to the channel.

There are many ways to become well-known on this platform. But, using this technique is specific and can help jump to the top of the list. Besides, there’s hardly any effort required from the creator’s side.


Is BlueMarple trustworthy?

Indeed. Nowadays, many digital stores offer the services of YouTube and Instagram likes and subscribers. However, BlueMarple ranks first among them.

It is because our services are authentic. Customers visited this site after proper research and found satisfactory assistance. We offer highly reliable subscribers that do not drop.

How are organic subscribers different from bots?

Organic YouTube subscribers are real people who subscribe to an account. These are paid for their services. Also, some of them may admire the content quality. They offer their likes and views too! So, that’s a perk.

Both subscribers and views, on the other hand, are digital. These are artificially created YouTube accounts. Such bots will never like or add to the views. Besides, YouTube considers them invalid and may even remove such accounts.

How many subscribers are required on YouTube to start earning?

To make money on YouTube, creators must have 4000 watch hours on their videos in the past year and 1000 subscribers on their channel. If you reach this threshold, you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program using which you can monetize your channel.

How many subscribers are required on YouTube to start earning?

Like beginners, influencers, celebrities, politicians, and artists buy YouTube subscribers. They do so to enhance their rankings on search engines. Also, such videos get more engagement. These accounts even stay ahead of the competition.

Is it legal to purchase YouTube subscribers?

It is not illegal in any way to buy YouTube subscribers and likes. No one can ban an account for such an activity. However, certain things YouTube restricts do include bot stuff.

That’s because they trick people and attract them towards wasteful content. The good part is BlueMarple sells organic YouTube services.

How to buy YouTube subscribers?

BlueMarple offers a very simple process. First, check the site and skim through all the available packages. Then, one can consult the experts to create even a custom plan. Now place the order by selecting a package. After making the payment, the subscribers add to the channel in a few hours.

Can subscribers get dropped after delivery?

Users worry that their subscribers may get dropped after delivery. For instance, bot followers often get reduced once purchased.

But, with organic YouTube subscribers, it’s different. However, purchasing from a website that guarantees a refill is a wise choice. So, the subscribers who have left can be attained back.


YouTube can take someone from the bottom to a high sky in no time. However, the right strategy should be adopted. Buying organic YouTube subscribers is a good idea. They don’t just boost income but make the channel more popular. Also, natural followers get attracted and increase the video’s ranking. Make the most out of the tips. And invest wisely in purchasing social media stuff.