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Content has been an integral part of business development and marketing strategy. Without good content, a business would not be able to survive. Good content helps your business grow, and all earn revenue from it both directly and indirectly.

Blue Marple has been providing their service in content writing ever since (year of establishment). Throughout these years of providing our service, we were able to assist more than hundreds of clients to level up their business strategy. Creating content is not just randomly selecting a topic. Good content is generated when proper research is carried out. We understand this, and hence at Blue Marple, we make sure that we try to understand our client’s needs and demands, carry out market research, and give out content with respect to a specific industry standard.

Content Writing Service
We assure you, with our past experience as our pride, we have never failed to deliver to our clients. The writers at Blue Marple have expertise in writing a variety of content writing formats and have helped our clients to have optimized and yet creative content that follows and charms others with the style of writing and using a perfect communication tool which helps the audience to understand what our clients want to communicate through the piece of writing.

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Why Should You Choose BlueMarple



Blue Marple has been in the industry for a very long time. Not only have we seen how business and markets evolve, but we have also been able to understand a customer’s needs. Hence, with concern to a specific industry, we understand customer needs and try producing content that caters to and attracts the audiences.


We have constantly been working on producing the best results with a high success rate throughout the year. It is safe for us to say that, with our past experiences, we have been able to focus more and create better and better content as a content agency irrespective of the medium the content needs to be generated.


We are self-aware that one working style does not fit every business. Hence, we offer our service with respect to the client’s need in every project we have taken under our service we have been able to deliver as per client’s requirements.


As a content marketing agency, we are flexible when it comes to working with our clients. We work with both B2B and B2C business models and adjust our way of working with what’s best for our clients.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should choose to work with us. Furthermore, we have a very diverse and wide range of services we provide businesses to explore.
Website Content Writing

Website Content Writing

The Internet plays a crucial role in every commoner’s daily life. For the slightest of need, their first way to find a solution is on google or any other web-browsers. Hence businesses have been producing content that gains customers’ attention, and after that, the customer starts reaching out for that specific business. More than a billion websites are already present, and the only key for visibility on the Internet is through the content you have uploaded on your business websites.

Using a professional content writing agency like Blue Marple will help you create content that improves your business visibility, and people start becoming aware. There are many perks of hiring us for writing your website’s content:

  • As a content writing agency, we research what the business is about, what the people need from clients, and what their expectations are. After this, we observe the Competitors’ performance in the client’s industry and understand what makes them different. We ensure to produce content that fills up all the voids and creates great content.
  • The content generated is SEO optimized by experts and filled with rich and appropriate keywords to improve clients’ visibility.
  • Unbiased and professional view for business websites is used. This allows them to make decisions more precisely on what content should be adapted as per clients’ websites.

SEO Based Content Creation

There is enough competition already in the digital world. Every business, irrespective of being old or new, has been trying to build an online business for themselves, so this will help create a brand and improve the visibility of the brand. Many parts help a website be visible in the top ranks of the SERPs. One of the key factors that help improve your rankings is SEO optimization.

At Blue Marple content writing agency, we have Content writers who have immense experience in generating content that is SEO rich. Content can improve your SERPs ranks when it has appropriate keywords substantially placed in the piece of writing. The balance between content with appropriate keywords and uniqueness is what we aim for. Useless addition of keywords might only help gain additional Traffic but add no sheet benefit in the long run.

SEO Based Content Creation

SEO based content writing has a huge variety which includes:


many businesses decide to blog as a part of their business strategy. A blog that has been SEO optimized has many benefits. They not only help businesses to gain Traffic but also have many other benefits, which include

  • Helps your business website to gain traffic.
  • Helps you get discovered on various social media platforms and helps build a social media presence.
  • With the help of a blog, you can convert traffic into leads and keep your previous client in a long-term relationship with your business.
  • Blogs are beneficial for maintaining long-term traffic and help in link building.
  • Blogs have various other secondary benefits.

That’s why a business should focus on creating content in a more optimized way that helps them to build an online presence. And choosing a content writing agency will help you build more traffic and revenue.


When an article is written, it is written while keeping the audience in mind, and failure to do so can lead to disconnection and lead to disrupted thoughts and vague ideas to the target audience. At Blue Marple, the article content is written with precautionary steps and keeping the target audience and the industry in mind. Our writers are very diverse and can direct their thoughts through inspirational words and gain the reader’s attention.

Newsletter writing:

Newsletter plays an important business tool as it can be used to share important information with customers and other prospects. Having good content for a newsletter is very important. Apart from being good, it has to be informative, and a professional content writer will help you create a very effective newsletter that everyone can consume.

Other content writing services include:

  • Promotional writing
  • Press release
  • E-Book writing
  • Copywriting.

Why Should a Business Choose Content Marketing

Content marketing is beneficial as it helps you build and create brand awareness for your business or brand on a platform. Through various types of content, you can interest many audiences towards your website or business.

Content will help you generate SEO: using appropriate keywords and using them in substantial amounts is very important. Written content will be helpful for driving SEO towards your website.

Content marketing helps establish a business: with active business ideas, you can invest these ideas in creating content and uploading it to various digital platforms. And regular upload of content helps you drive your Traffic toward your business.

Share your business: when your content is great, there is a high probability that the content will get shared. And this will help your business reach more and more people.

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