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The Blue Marple is a digital content marketing agency that helps create content for firms and businesses. In the world of digitalization, content marketing plays an important role. Businesses use many strategic ways to help other businesses develop an online presence and create brand awareness among the people.

Guest blogging, also sometimes referred to as guest posting, is an act of creating a piece of writing for other companies’ websites. There are many reasoning of why most of the businesses choose to do guest posting, which includes to

  • Attract traffic from their industry to their website.
  • Guest posting helps in boosting your business domain using external links.
  • Guest posts help to improve brand credibility.
  • Helps in building connections and relationships with others in the same industry.
Guest Posting Services

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There are a variety of benefits that are offered by guest postings. These benefits, directly and indirectly,
help your business bloom. The benefits guest posting offers your business is:

When you share your knowledge or expertise in a certain field on other companies’ websites as a guest post, this helps establish an authoritative image within your niche. This also helps in building relationships with others in your industry with high experience and exposure in the same industry and also being able to expose your business to new audiences.

Extending social media shares: creating social shares helps you extend your online reach. The more shares your brand contents are able to get, the more eyes it will be caught in the industry. Guest blogging also helps increase the number of social media shares you get for your content. All the benefits you get from social media and guest blogging helps in converting your traffic into leads.

Even guest posting on your websites allows in delivering new content and new perspectives for your audience, which helps create new audiences. Guest posting also helps in boosting your business promotions.

Grows brand awareness: using the opportunity to the fullest is very important. Guest posting helps your business to create awareness among the target audience and engage more and more people.

Why Should Businesses Choose BlueMarple

Premium quality content writers and services

A blue marble content team has writers who have gained experience in the writing industry and making business projects as well as individual projects. Our writers stay in touch with the client and provide service that caters to clients’ needs and demands, which also helps deliver content smoothly.

SEO optimized content

The content writers at our agency have been creating content for a very long time. With evolving industries and trends, our writers create unique and plagiarism-free content. The content written is optimized with keywords and is SEO Friendly.

Affordable Pricing

Price plays an important role while creating content and considering other marketing strategies. A blue marble, we offer guest posting and other digital marketing services at very affordable prices. Many industries charge more than twice for the same work, where we offer great, plagiarism-free content at affordable prices.

Choosing blue Marple will also help you choose powerful links from top-ranking websites. These backlinks help your business grow and be more known to many audiences.

Guest Posting Service and SEO Impact

Creating Content from High-value guest posts for websites that are legitimate, Guest posting, or guest blogging can be used as a great tool for creating your domain authority and moving up the SERPs ranks and SEO rankings.

Google Page Rank is capable of telling the difference between the dynamic and spam content as the algorithm can easily detect the difference between the two, and at blue marble, we make sure the content we create is rich with keywords and the backlinks provided are from legitimate websites. This will help your business website gain more traffic and create an authority in your industry.

Steps on how can use blue Marple service for guest posting:

  • The first step includes the placement of an order in which the client needs to provide us with an URL along with Anchor text. In case any discussion is needed, our team will get in touch with the client and hold further meetings, and Instructions will be discussed.
  • Our professional content writer will write content for you that shall be published with links back to your website and help in link building.
  • After the article has been published, the content team at blue Marple will send a document that highlights the progress of the guest post.

Blue Marble has been in the Digital marketing industry for a long time; knowing the ins and outs of the Digital marketing industry helps us to create content that performs well for our clients.

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