Why Should You Buy Backlinks in 2023?

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You might feel that your website needs a better reach despite posting regular quality content. This is a very common problem faced by all website owners. The solution is quite simple. It lies in having quality backlinks to support high-quality content.

SEO works on the power of backlinks. Google’s algorithms do not promote buying low-quality backlinks from spammy sites, but good-quality backlinks definitely help to enhance your website’s Google rankings. Your highly competitive content may not attain top ranking because of low-quality backlinks. But, the website owners feel helpless even after knowing the solution, as finding quality backlinks is challenging and requires a dedicated team to build them.

This article is a comprehensive guide to buying useful backlinks. Let us understand the entire concept and the need to buy these links, the buying process, where to buy from, and the cost involved in the process.

What is a Backlink?

Backlinks are considered to be the backbone of your SEO campaign. You are on a constant lookout for chances to enhance the website’s organic traffic, but this seems to be impossible without proper and well-curated SEO practices.

How to buy backlinks

The algorithms determine the search engine results and are generally based on relevant content. A new website may not be considered authoritative in the initial days. High-authority sites pop up higher in search results. Thus, building an authority is the key to success.

A backlink is a link where a website mentions other websites for being linked to each other. This connection is clickable, and the search engines consider this as a backlink. Creating such high-quality backlinks can greatly improve your web page ranking in search engine results. They provide optimum SEO and better ranking.

The point to be considered is to create backlinks to related sites that post similar content. These linked sites must have high-ranking positions and be authoritative and relevant.

The need to have Backlinks:

  1. Brand Recall and Recognition

    Growing digitalization has led to people spending a lot of time browsing content online. They visit numerous sites and notice these links immediately. They have a habit of clicking such links and visiting that page as well. Backlinks help to create an association, and if they feel that your content is relevant, they continue to visit your site in the future. The search engines recognize these links and divert the users to sites that post useful information. This enhances the users’ interest in your brand.

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  2. Generate new leads and clients

    Backlinks are a great way to generate more leads and get better conversions. It helps to create long-term relationships with users. There is a bright chance that people will click on the backlinks and visit your site. If they enjoy reading the relevant information on your page, they may follow you on social media. You get new consumers without putting in a huge investment.

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  3. Brand Promotion

    Building a high-quality backlink will promote your site as a link is established with credible websites. Once users start loving your content, it leads to better brand promotion and better rankings on search engines.

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  4. Better and higher Website Traffic

    We all rely on SEO to enhance web traffic. But you can even get a lot of traffic diverted towards the site through backlink referrals. Referral traffic is the traffic that clicks the backlinks and gets directed to the content linked to the site. The referral traffic has a lower bounce rate.

    Higher Website Traffic

  5. Better Ranking

    High-quality backlinks improve organic search results. You invest a huge chunk of money when it comes to paid advertisements. But, here, you do not need to pay for every click. Backlinks enhance the search engine rankings, and posts get automatically promoted by search engines. Backlink creation may be a challenging task and needs the desired skills, but it will ultimately result in enhanced SEO.

What is Google’s view on Buying Backlinks?

Google does not support buying backlinks with the intention of playing with the search results. SEO agencies need to understand that manipulating the search results can only get very short-term success. Search engine rankings are usually based on the number of times a site is linked to by different authoritative and quality websites.

Any search engine, including Google, would always want that such links are built organically. The problem with this strategy is the time involved in enhancing one’s ranking. Without taking the help of a trusted agency, organic link-building will solely depend on your reputation in your field. You may struggle to get a higher rank without links even if you use valuable keywords.

This is why sites value quality links and has led to the growth of link-building agencies. You can get backlinks without paying, but you will need to wait longer to get the same number of quality backlinks.

Paid vs. Unpaid Links: What suits the business better?

Free link building is building backlinks without paying anything to the publishing site. This can be done yourself or through a qualified agency. Hiring an agency to do so is the best way to ensure that these backlinks are on authoritative web pages.

Where to buy quality backlinks

Paid backlink building is done by paying the publishing site to create a link to your site. Both these link-building techniques can be effective, but it is important to note that you hire an agency that has expertise in doing so. What brings success are the correct placements, proper scrutiny, and correct selection of these links. Your strategy will totally depend on your preference.

Why Consider Buying Backlinks?

There are a lot of advantages that come with buying quality backlinks. Numerous companies have resorted to buying backlinks, but what needs to be noticed is that Google algorithms have become smart enough to recognize irrelevant backlinks. Therefore, you need to be careful that you do not buy any random link and choose a trusted SEO agency to do so.

Google identifies low-quality paid links and can penalize you for violating Google guidelines. So, you need to find the best quality backlinks that are relevant. The reasons for buying quality backlinks include the following:

High quality backlinks

  1. Better outreach

    Finding organic backlinks is a time-consuming process. It is a lot easier to find trusted agencies with solid relationships with relevant and authoritative sites to talk on your behalf.

  2. Faster results

    The process of buying backlinks will get your content published on top-quality websites much faster.

  3. Competitive edge

    It is quite possible that your competitors are also buying backlinks, as it has become a common practice. You can also hire a trusted agency to do the link-building and get a competitive edge.

    But always remember to buy relevant backlinks. Google cares about the relevance and quality of the links. You can get penalized if the website has irrelevant and low-quality links.

How much will the Backlinks cost?

Generally, the cost involved in buying backlinks differs from site to site. Non-trusted agencies can get you backlinks bought from brokers or forums. These irrelevant links may put your site at risk. Always consider buying links built using manual outreach. The pricing involved in buying backlinks through a reputed agency is rather transparent. They let you know everything in advance and also share the metrics used.

Why work with a Link Building Agency?

While you may think that link building can be done on your own, with the ever-growing digital landscape and the fierce competition, you need to put in constant efforts to remain on the top of search engine rankings.

A link building agency will organize a comprehensive strategy which is goal-focused and result in improving the rankings as effectively as possible. They take into consideration all the factors that influence the search results.

A trusted agency will always focus on the quality of the website where the link will be published and the relevancy of the linked page. These agencies will help you with placing backlinks on authoritative sites and create a niche for you by getting the best possible placements on different websites.

They avoid questionable links with useless connections as it can damage the entire SEO campaign. The agencies procure high-quality backlinks and avoid poor ones. The goal is to enhance the rank and avoid wasting resources on backlinks that will not enhance the site’s ranking.


As a website owner, you wish to have many valuable backlinks to generate better organic traffic. As mentioned earlier, backlink buying is a great way to enhance the website’s rankings. But, what is essential is to focus on the link quality, as not all backlinks can boost domain authority.

Buying quality backlinks will cost you higher as they come with numerous advantages. Cheaper backlinks will not impact your ranking and not get you any traffic. Backlinks prove to be a key ranking factor, and you cannot ignore their utility in enhancing your SEO.

Build great backlinks to see an increment in your site’s rankings, get a competitive edge, and get better opportunities to grow in the digital world. So, once you are ready to build relevant backlinks, you must reach out to a reputed agency that can deliver excellent services for SEO and grow your client base.


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